Date Posted: 3/05/2019

Read the story in the Cornell Chronicle (February 28, 2019) that describes the scene on February 23, 2019 when teams of high school girls in Gates Hall (Ithaca) competed against high school girls at Cornell Tech’s Bloomberg Center (on Roosevelt Island, New York City). There were sixty-four participants in all and First Prize went to the team of Zoe Marschner of Ithaca High School and Jessica Tang of Pittsford Mendon High School. Second place was earned by a team from New York’s Stuyvesant High School.

CS Research Professor Robbert van Renesse, who coordinated the first-of-its-kind event for CIS and Cornell Tech, said: “Our goal is to increase diversity in the general high school programming contest that we run each year […]. Programming contests tend to be unbalanced, and we are looking for ways to encourage participation from every high school student.”