Date Posted: 2/26/2019

Read about Cornell CS alumnus Stefano Ermon’s (Ph.D.,’15) research with Atlas AI, a new start-up recently funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, aimed at generating “actionable intelligence on global development challenges.” As noted by the RF, Atlas AI was founded “to give decision-makers in developing countries access to low-cost, cutting-edge data.” Ermon is among the cotery of “experts in artificial intelligence, data science, and development economics” who “had already shown that satellite imagery can be used to map poverty and crop yields in Africa with a combination of economic data, space technology, and machine learning algorithms.” Recently, Ermon and his fellow researchers have partnered with “organizations in Africa to test and operationalize new products, including high-resolution datasets on wealth, consumption, and agricultural yields.” See also the article "A Year in the Making: The Story Behind Atlas AI" in Medium, written by Ermon and his Atlas AI collaborators and Stanford colleagues, David Lobell and Marshall Burke