In his Cornell Chronicle article, “Digital ag is Cornell’s newest radical collaboration initiative,” (February 14, 2019), Joe Wilensky reports on how “master’s students in computer science professor Ken Birman’s cloud computing course are tackling challenges specific to digital agriculture—the use of technology and data systems to optimize all aspects of food production.” Wilensky adds: “Digital agriculture at Cornell—which already has been enhancing curricula such as Birman’s course, cross-college research projects and partnerships with industry—has just been seeded for robust additional growth.”

According to Wilensky, “The Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) was created last year to marshal Cornell’s multidisciplinary strengths, connecting researchers with practitioners to tackle global food system challenges. The self-assembled faculty initiative has been dubbed the newest interdisciplinary, university-wide effort under Provost Michael Kotlikoff’s Radical Collaboration Drives Discovery Initiative."

The Initiative “task force” includes Hakim Weatherspoon, associate professor in Computer Science and associate director of CIDA. Radical Collaboration Drives Discovery has a page dedicated to Digital Agriculture.

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