Math object encapsulates quasi-prefix form

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Math object encapsulates quasi-prefix form

To represent the quasi-prefix form, we extend the attributed tree model defined in the previous section with object math object. We define six such attributes in fig:math-object.



: A math object with attributes. Each of the attributes themselves contain math objects.

A math object may have any or all of these attributes. An attribute can have a math object as content.

Here are the basic object types in this representation:

The structure is recursive. For example, [tex2html_wrap5292] is represented by the math object

The representation can capture mathematical expressions with arbitrarily complex visual attributes. Let [tex2html_wrap5294] denote the math object shown above. Then


would be represented by math object [tex2html_wrap5296] shown below:

TV Raman
Thu Mar 9 20:10:41 EST 1995