This page for CS631 Multimedia Systems

Jing Huang


  1. The JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard
  2. MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications
  3. Methods for Encrypting and Decrypting MPEG Video Data Efficiently
  4. Audio Engineering and Psychoacoustics
  5. Psychophysics and Modern Digital Audio Technology
  6. Algorithms for Manipulating Compressed Images
  7. A Resolution Independent Video Language
  8. Feature-Based Image Metamorphosis
  9. Multimedia Storage Servers: A Tutorial
  10. Disk Scheduling in a Multimedia I/O System
  11. Notes on Lossless Compression
  12. Experiments with a Lossless JPEG Codec
  13. Performance of a Software MPEG Video Decoder
  14. Fast Software Processing of Motion JPEG Video
  15. RSVP: A New Resource ReSerVation Protocol
  16. MBone Provides Audio and Video Across the Internet
  17. Salient Video Stills: Content and Context Preserved


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