The way the Bush administration operates

"By their deeds shall you know them."


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This website is not written lightly. I am a computer scientist. I have been teaching and researching for over 35 years. I generally have little to do with politics, and I do not belong to a political party. No one is paying me to do this. I have no agenda except to see the people of the U.S. work together, in harmony and peace, for the good of everyone in the country and the world.

I believe that the statements in this website are based on facts.

I am concerned with the way this administration operates. I am not talking about policy —whether we should be at war, or who is right about the economy. Instead, the focus is on what the administration does and how it does it.

The actions of this administration have run counter to Bush's statements of April 2000 and have divided this country as no other administration has done in recent memory.


"I will set a different tone. I will restore civility and respect to our national politics. ... I will work with Republicans and reach out to Democrats ... I will treat the other party with respect, and when we make progress, I will share the credit. ... I will unite our nation, not divide it. I will bring Americans together." George Bush, April 2000



In August 2004, I created the website, describing the Bush Administration as I saw it, hoping that enough people would read the website and not vote for Bush again. I was alarmed at what the Bush administration had done in 2001 to 2004, and I was even more alarmed at what another 4 years of Bush would do to the US and the world. I did my best, through this website, to help. But not enough people looked at it to make any difference. Perhaps I should have blogged, or something like that.

(You can see the original website on the Wayback machine.)

My worst fears have been realized. Four more years of this administration has ruined the economy not only of the US but of the world. This administration has taken steps to harm, rather than help, the environment. Through its bullying tactics and its actual approval of torture, the US has lost any of its moral authority, and we have lost the US the respect of the world. Its lack of respect for our Constitution, its suppression of and manipulation of information, its lies, its incompetence in handling the Iraq war, its complete lack of planning for the Iraw war and the aftermath --all of these have hurt the United States tremendously. And we, the people, are now paying for it.

This website is the original website, with a few minor changes. It will remain as long as I have a website. I don't want people to forget how bad this administration has been.

I have had to change some links because, over the years, some links have been broken. In order to compensate for further loss of links, on most articles, I have copied the original webpage onto this website, and it appears as a "local version".

Read this site and weep at the fact that the American People knew what this administration was like four years ago but still allowed him to take over the Presidency a second time. We have ourselves to blame.

I am concerned with the administration's:

  1. Lack of honesty, which has brought about lack of trust.
  2. Manipulation of information to further its goals.
  3. Secrecy, which has kept the American public and Congress from making sound judgements.
  4. Conflict of interest.
  5. Lack of respect for others.
  6. Lack of reasoning and compromise —the administration's way of responding to differing views seems to be to ridicule rather than reason.
  7. Belligerent and arrogant attitude and mode of operation, which has cost our country the respect and compassion of the rest of the world.

I do want an administration that is forceful and strong. But that strong administration has to be:

  1. Honest, trustworthy, ethical.
  2. Respectful of all people and all nations.
  3. Able to engage in dialogue and make decisions based on reason.
  4. Without conflict of interest.
  5. A Uniting force, rather than one that divides.

Everyone — Democrat, Republican, Green, independent, etc. — should be alarmed at what this administration has done and what it may do in the future, if re-elected. A resounding defeat in November is the only way to let the world know that the United States people do not tolerate such an administration.

The links in the left column are to short discussions that back up my opinions. Again, remember that it is not the policies and programs that are at issue here, although I have problems with some of them. Rather, the issue is the way this government has operated, in a self-serving, untrustworthy, unethical, disrespectful, and even nasty, manner.

United we stand. If we stay as divided as we have been divided by this administration, we fall.

If an administration has integrity, ethics, and character, then policies will fall into place, for the administration will be guided by the good of the country and will engage in open, honest, and meaningful dialogue with the whole nation. If an administration has no integrity, ethics, and character, then the nation better beware.