2017 Contest:

The 4th Annual Cornell University High School Programming Contest was held Friday April 7th. As always, we follow a similar format as the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)The rules are posted.

This year we had the following schools competing (with a total of 22 teams):

  • Allendale Columbia (1 team)
  • Bishop Hendricken (1 team)
  • Brighton (2 teams)
  • Dalton (1 team)
  • Fairport (3 teams)
  • Half Hollow Hills East (3 teams)
  • Ithaca (3 teams)
  • McQuaid Jesuit (1 team)
  • Nichols (2 teams)
  • Pittsford Sutherland (2 teams)
  • Webster Schroeder (1 team)
  • Webster Thomas (2 teams)

This year we also had a team of three high school teachers (for fun, not for the big prize).

Here is a link to the contest, where you can see the problems.

First prize went to an Ithaca High School team, second prize to a Bishop Hendricken team, and third prize to an Allendale Columbia team. The teachers team came in fourth:

  1. Ithaca High: Vivek Myers, Jacob Silcoff, and Mrinal Thomas
  2. Bishop Hendricken: Fred Choi, Tony Jiang, and Paarth Tandon
  3. Allendale Columbia: Jingjong (Daniel) Xiang and Rui (Tony) Zhou

Right after the contest, Prof. Kavita Bala gave a short talk on recognition and deep learning.

WHCU provided some nice coverage.


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