2016 Contest:

The 3rd Annual Cornell University High School Programming Contest took place on Thursday April 7th. Programming contest veteran Daniel Fleischman started the event with some stories about participating and team coaching in programming contests. This year we had 19 teams:

  • Bishop Hendricken (2 teams)
  • Fairport (3 teams)
  • Ithaca (4 teams)
  • McQuaid Jesuit (2 teams)
  • Nichols (2 teams)
  • Pittsford Central Schools (3 teams)
  • Webster Schroeder (1 team)
  • Webster Thomas (2 teams)

First prize went to an Ithaca High School team, second prize to a Pittsford team, and third prize to another Ithaca High School team:

  1. Ithaca High: Jonathan Gomes-Selman, Jacob Silcoff, Zachary Stillman
  2. Pittsford High: Yiyou Chen, Yizuo Chen, Peng Sun
  3. Ithaca High: Daniel Halpern, James Park, Mrinal Thomas

This year we used Hackerrank to run the contest: https://www.hackerrank.com/contests/cornell-university-high-school-programming-contest/challenges

The solutions, including test cases, are available here.

We got some nice press from WHCU, and from the Cornell Chronicle.


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