GVL4 M-Files: Chapter 5

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ShowHouseQR QR factorization via Householder
ShowHouseQRpiv QR factorization with column pivoting via Householder
ShowHessQR QR factorization of upper Hessenberg matrix
ShowGivensQR QR factorization via Givens rotations
ShowBlockQR compares two block methods for QR
ShowOrthogReps three ways to represent a product of Householders
ShowCGS classical Gram-Schmidt
ShowMGS modified Gram-Schmidt
ShowFullRankLS several methods for full rank LS
ShowRankDefLS several methods for rank-deficient LS
ShowHouseBidiag Householder bidiagonalization
ShowUnder underdetermined systems


House build a Householder transformation
BackAccum accumulate a product of Householders
Givens build a Givens rotation
GivensQR Givens QR factorization
HessQR QR factorization of a Hessenberg matrix
HouseQR Householder QR factorization
HouseQRpiv Householder QR factorization with column pivoting
WY WY representation of Householder products
BlockHouseQR block Householder QR factorization
RecursiveBlockQR recusive block QR factorization
CGS classical Gram-Schmidt
MGS modified Gram-Schmidt
HouseBidiag Householder bidiagonalization