GVL4 M-Files: Chapter 2

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Show2x2SVD graphical display of the 2x2 SVD
ShowSVD singular value decomposition
ShowSVdistribution matrices with different singular value distributions
ShowThinCS thin CS decomposition
ShowFP_Thinker basic floating point properties
ShowMatPowers A^k goes to zero in 6-digit arithmetic


ThinCS thin CS decomposition
fl6 converts real number to 6-digit FP format
Value6 converts from 6-digit FP format to real value
Add6 6-digit FP addition
Sub6 6-digit FP subtraction
Mult6 6-digit FP multiplication
Div6 6-digit FP division
Dot6 6-digit FP dot product of two 6-digit vectors
MM6 6-digit FP product of two 6-digit FP matrices
zeros6 zeros(m,n)  in 6-digit FP format
eye6 eye(m,n) in 6-digit FP format