CS 7794: The Cornell NLP Seminar - Spring 2023

Fridays 1:30-2:20pm, Gates 405/Bloomberg 497

The Cornell NLP seminar is a weekly meeting for people currently or soon to be actively doing research in NLP. Students simply looking to learn more about NLP should not enroll, but should take one of our lecture courses instead. For more information about NLP at Cornell, please see the group page.

Several types of meetings are anticipated. Most typical will be (1) plenary sessions, potentially divided up into two sequential mini-sessions, where a seminar participant presents a paper or recent work; presenters will need to communicate with the instructors at least a week in advance. (2) plenary sessions with external speakers.

All participants are expected to attend all meetings. If you must miss a meeting, mail both the presenter for that week (as a courtesy) and the instructors (so we know).

First-meeting to-do item: all participants --- faculty, students, postdocs, etc., should fill out this form (Cornell NetID login required) to tell us the google login name you'd like us to use in setting up a shared Google drive.

Links to the schedule/presentation signup sheet --- which also includes more detailed presentation instructions --- and to the zoom details are in a pinned post in the relevant Slack channel. Contact the organizers for access.

The NLP seminar is supported by a gift from