The NLP Seminar: CS 7794

CS 7794, the NLP seminar, is a weekly meeting for people currently or soon to be actively doing research in NLP. (Students simply looking to learn more about NLP should not enroll, but should take one of our lecture courses instead.) Typically, one participant leads discussion each week, either of a recently published paper or of their own work in progress. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory[*]. Auditing is unlikely to be permitted.

The person presenting on a given Friday should send their presentation information to the cs-nlp-seminar-l email list (append by noon on the preceding Tuesday.

[*] If you must miss a meeting, mail both the presenter for that week (as a courtesy) and Yoav Artzi, Claire Cardie, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil (so we know).

See also the Cornell NLP page and the Cornell machine learning page.

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