Graphics-Vision Seminar (Fall 2022)

Time: Mondays 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Organizers: Steve Marschner and Blaire Yu
Location: Gates 310 and Zoom


Date Topic Presenter
08/22 Variable Aperture Control using Stereo Hadi Alzayer
08/29 Portable Laser Cutting Thijs Roumen
09/19 A Full Wave Simulation Toolkit for Rough Surface Scattering Blaire Yu
09/26 Deep Visual Computing for Urban Modeling and Design Daniel Aliaga
10/03 Polynomial Neural Fields for Subband Decomposition Guandao Yang
10/17 Towards Better 3D Perception Systems using Unlabeled Past Traversals Cheng Phoo
10/24 Solving Yarn-Level Cloth Equilibria using Asymptotic Numerical Methods Joy Zhang and Caroline Sun
10/31 Change-Aware Contrastive Learning for Remote Sensing Applications Utkarsh Mall
11/07 Designing Interactive Tools for Users in Photography and Image Toning Ruyu Yan
11/14 Redefining Video Matting for Re-Composition Tasks Zeqi Gu
11/21 3D Shape Analysis for Next-Generation Archaeology Ayellet Tal
11/28 Towards dense and long-range motion estimation in videos Qianqian Wang
12/05 The DeSymmetrizer: Learning to disambiguate images of similar structures Ruojin Cai