Facilitator: Adrian Sampson
Where: Zoom

This reading group is about the ways computers might have been. The predominant ISAs in 2020 all owe a spiritual debt to the IBM System/360, from 1965, and the earliest von Neumann machines before it. But it didn't need to be this way—the history of architecture research is littered with completely different ideas for how to build and program machines. These papers embody alternative visions for the hardware–software interface.

Tips for reading historical papers:

Date Leader Topic
January 30 Adrian IBM System/360
February 6 Drew & Rachit Data Flow
February 13 Bhargava & Kushal Lisp Machines
February 20 Dietrich & Griffin RISC
February 27 Eashan & Sam Connection Machines
March 5 Sachille & Tuan Tera MTA
  • The Tera Computer System
    Robert Alverson, David Callahan, Daniel Cummings, Brian Koblenz, Allan Porterfield, and Burton Smith
March 12 Alexa Out of Order
March 19 Dietrich VLIW
March 26 Drew Dynamic Binary Translation
April 2 Spring Break
April 9 Shuang Multicore
April 16 Yuwei & Will Tiled Architectures
April 23 Sachille & Tuan EDGE
April 30 Griffin RISC-V