CS 7190 (Spring 2018)

Seminar in Programming Languages
Time: Wednesdays 3:35PM - 4:35PM
Location: Gates 310
Organizers: Dexter Kozen and Adrian Sampson
Czars: Molly Feldman and Matthew Milano
Previous Semesters: Archives


The Programming Languages Discussion Group meets weekly to discuss papers in the area of programming languages, program analysis, and compilers. The goal is to encourage interactions and discussions between students, researchers, and faculty with interests in this area. The seminar is open to everybody interested in languages and compilers. First-year and second-year students are especially encouraged to participate. Participating students should register for the 1-credit course CS 7190.

Talks will be advertised on the pldg-l@cornell.edu list. To subscribe, send a message to pldg-l-request@cornell.edu with the subject "join" and a blank body.


Date Topic Presenter Host
25 JanuaryVerified implementation of the Chord peer-to-peer protocol
Doug Woos, Ryan Doenges, James Wilcox, Karl Palmskog, Steve Anton, Zach Tatlock, Michael Ernst
Ryan Doenges
31 JanuaryPLDG Tutorial: The Expression Problem
Phillip Wadler
Rolph Recto and Coşku Acay
7 FebruaryCubical Computational Type Theory
Keun-Bang Hou
Kuen-Bang HouGreg Morrisett
14 FebruaryKleenex: Compiling Nondeterministic Transducers to Deterministic Streaming Transducers
Bjørn Bugge Grathwohl, Fritz Henglein, Kristoffer Aalund Søholm, Ulrik Terp Rasmussen, Sebastian Paaske Tørholm
Steffen Smolka
21 FebruaryHigher-order constrained horn clauses for verification
Toby Cathcart Burn, C.-H. Luke Ong, Steven J. Ramsay
Dietrich Geisler
28 FebruaryLinear Logic Programming for Narrative Generation
Martens, Bosser, Ferreira, and Cavassa
Shrutarshi Basu
7 MarchThe Linearity Monad
Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic
Edwin Peguero
14 MarchFrom Couplings to Probabilistic Relational Program Logics
Justin Hsu
Justin Hsu
21 MarchFunctional Pearl: Every Bit Counts
Dimitrios Vytiniotis and Andrew Kennedy
Eric Campbell
28 MarchFLAFOL: A First-Order Logic for Reasoning about Flow-Limited Authorization
Andrew Hirsch, Owen Arden, Ethan Cecchetti, and Ross Tate
Andrew Hirsch
11 AprilA General Framework for Relational Parametricity
Kristina Sojakova and Patty Johann
Kristina Sojakova
18 AprilMonadic refinements for relational cost analysis
Ivan Radiček, Gilles Barthe, Marco Gaboardi, Deepak Garg, Florian Zuleger
Joshua Gancher
25 AprilBuilding Predictable and Adaptable Mobile Systems
Lukasz Ziarek
Lukasz ZiarekGreg Morrisett
2 MayA Constructive Model of Axioms of Choice with Nondeterminism
Daoji Huang, Liron Cohen, Fran Mota, Ross Tate
Daoji Huang
9 MayAbstraction-Safe Algebraic Effect Handlers via Tunneling
Yizhou Zhang, Andrew Myers
Yizhou Zhang
17 May Special PLDG: Ron van der Meyden (noon in Gates G01)
18 May Special PLDG: A colloquium for Alex Aiken (3pm in Gates G01)
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