Runtime Verification

Spring 2024

Runtime Verification is a lightweight formal method for checking program executions against specifications. Foundations, algorithms, and tools for major approaches to runtime verification will be covered, including monitor synthesis, specification languages, parametric monitoring, monitorability, instrumentation, and static analysis for reducing runtime verification overhead. Students will become familiar with recent research results and challenges in runtime verification, gain experience with runtime verification tools, and conduct a research project.

Prerequisites. Graduate standing (Ph.D, MS, or MEng) in CS or CS majors with CS 3110 grade of B+ or better. Experience with Java programming will be helpful for programming assignments.

 Tue/Thu, 2:55 -- 4:10pm
 Phillips Hall 403

 Owolabi Legunsen

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Course Details  

We will be using Canvas as the primary learning management system this semester. See all details, including syllabus, required text, and support resources on the Canvas page for this course.