CS 6120: Advanced Compilers γ

Instructor: Adrian Sampson
When: Monday and Wednesday, 9:55am–10:05am
Office hours: by appointment (DM Adrian on Zulip to find a time)

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Apocalypse Logistics

This fall, CS 6120 is an async-first, online, flipped-classroom smorgasbord of instructional experiences. The actual content comes in the form of videos, notes, and Zulip chat. We will use the synchronous class time mostly for hacking and asking questions, whether you're in person or participating virtually. Synchronous virtual attendance is recommended; asynchronous participation and discussion is required. There are no exams in this course, in-person or otherwise.

If you want to "shop" this course, please sign up for Zulip to participate virtually. If you're on the waitlist, please just wait—you'll get a PIN automatically, eventually. Please read the syllabus for more details on how everything works.

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