Competition Programming and Problem Solving Seminar

CS 5199 Spring 2019
Tuesday 2:55PM, Phillips 213

Robbert van Renesse and Haobin Ni

The Competition Programming and Problem Solving Seminar (CP seminar in short) is an experimental seminar for discussing applied algorithms and techniques presented in programming contests, technical interviews, and problem solving through algorithms and programming in general. The goal is to provide a broader view of algorithms in practice and strengthen students' skills in problem solving.

Every week, a student or an invited speaker will present on a selected topic. Extra materials such as exercise problems will also be provided. We meet on Tuesdays at 2:55PM in Phillips 213.

The CP seminar is open to all Cornell students interested in this topic. Student participants are expected to sign up for CS 5199 for one credit.

The CP seminar is co-organized with Cornell ICPC Project Team. To receive weekly emails on the topic, please join the mailing list.

We greatly encourage students to sign up for a talk. For signing up, please contact Robbert van Renesse (rv22) or Haobin Ni (hn332).

Date Topic Presenter
January 29 Organizational Meeting

February 5 Problem Solving - How to win in programming contests and pass technical interviews
Haobin Ni
February 12 Dynamic Programming: Basics
Horace He
February 19 Number Theory
Aaron Lou
February 26 February Break, no meeting.
March 5 Binary Space Partitioning Tree
Dexter Kozen
March 12 Binary/Ternary Search
Zicen Pan
March 19 Fun with Hashing
Robert Kleinberg
March 26 String
Jyun-Jie Liao
April 2 Spring Break, no meeting.
April 9 Range Minimum Query
Siqiu Yao
April 16 Nimber Games
Jialu Bao
April 23 Fast Fourier Transform
Horace He
April 30 Suffix Array
Yunhao Zhang
May 7