CS 513 Fall 2006

CS 513: System Security
Fall 2006

Computer Science Department
Cornell University

Archived announcements

Assignment 4 is out. Due 12/02.

The due date for Phase II of the project has been pushed back by a week to 10/21.

We will meet on Friday at 10:10 in Hollister 110, not in the usual classroom.

Class is canceled Oct. 11, but you can turn in homeworks to Joy or Xin there.

Homework 2 has been released. It is due October 11 at the beginning of class.

Some information about the project, including project ideas, has been posted below under "Project".

Assignment 1 has been released. It is due September 13, in class.

The first course meeting is Monday, August 28 at 10:10am in Thurston Hall 205.