The final exam will take place Monday May 17, 6:00pm ET through Thursday May 20, 6:00pm ET. You can do the exam during any 2 hour time window that falls within those 72 hours. This is an open-book exam. By filling out and submitting the form below you solemnly swear that you will complete the exam by yourself. You are allowed to look up materials on the internet. However, use the internet as essentially a read-only resource---in particular, you are not allowed to ask questions that may be answered by other people. This exam is not proctored. If you encounter any difficulties, please email immediately, but the staff is unlikely to be able to respond other than between 9am and 9pm ET.

Note: there will be no office hours held during the exam period.

To obtain the exam, you will also need your 8-character exam capability to enter into the form below. To obtain your exam capability, log into the CS4410 CMSX. One of the assignments is called Exam Capability. Select it and then look at the Grading Comments. There should be one comment with your 8-character exam capability.

After submitting the form you should see the URL for downloading the exam. From that time you have 2 hours (120 minutes) to submit the filled PDF in CMSX. The time is measured from when you first obtain the URL of the exam to when you submit on CMSX. You are allowed to submit to CMSX multiple times---only the last one counts. If you submit the form below multiple times, the elapsed time is measured from the first time you submitted the form. Every 15 minutes over 120 minutes results in a 3% penalty for up to one hour. (For example, if you submit 1 minute late, you will receive a 3% penalty.) You are allowed to submit your scanned notes, if you like, up to 30 minutes after you submit the PDF.

To summarize, you need to do the following steps: