Frequently Asked Questions


What are the prerequisites for CS4410?

To enroll in CS4410, the student must have successfully completed CS3410 or ECE3140/CS3420.

What are the prerequisites for CS4411?

To enroll in CS4411, the student must have either successfully completed CS4410, or be enrolled in CS4410 in Fall 2021.

Can I audit CS4410/11?

Unfortunately, no. This semester there are too many people wishing to take the class for a grade to allow registered students to elect the audit option. Unlike previous semseters, there is no option to change your enrollment status to audit mid-semester.

Can you please add me to/drop me from CMS?

It takes about 2 days for CMS to sync with the registrar. Please do not request to be added/dropped. It will happen automatically. We do not plan to use CMS for the dissemination of assignments.