CS 4320 (and 5320): Introduction to Database Systems

CS4320/CS5320 is an introduction to relational database systems, NoSQL systems, and Big Data. Topics covered include the relational model, SQL, query processing and optimization, transactions, recovery, NoSQL systems, database design, and Map Reduce.

The accompanying practicum course is CS 4321/5321.

The main platform for distributing course material such as the syllabus, lecture slides, homeworks etc. is the Course Management System (CMS). In addition, we will be using Piazza as a forum for student discussion. Therefore, this website is deliberately fairly minimalistic.


Here are the contact details for the course staff:


The course meets three times a week, MWF 2:30pm-3:20pm, in Olin 155.

You will be able to view this semester's videotaped lectures on Videonote.