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COM S 316 Mips Processor Design Project

The first three projects involve the design of a reduced instruction set processor that comprises a subset of the MIPS instruction set. The project descriptions for the first three projects are in the following three documents:

We will be using LogiSim for hardware design. You can obtain the LogiSim binary in the CSUGLAB under the directory \\crane\cs316\Project1. If you work in the CSUGLAB, there is no need to copy Logisim to your own directory -- you can simply run the copy in the above directory. In windows, just double-click on the jar file. In linux, run 'java -jar logisim*.jar'. If you are working from home, you can obtain the binary from here Logisim or from the LogiSim home page.

The following links point to CS316-specific extensions to LogiSim as well as test files to get you started.

We have put together a list of hints and suggestions based on common errors we saw in your Project 1 submissions.

We have put together some new components for the more adventurous students among you. The components are in the cs316 jar library above, and are described here:


  1. MIPS Volume 1: Basic MIPS Architecture
  2. MIPS Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference
  3. MIPS Volume 3: Privileged Resources and Systems Programming


  1. ALU Implementation
  2. Basic Execution
  3. MIPS Processor
  4. MIPS Disassembler
  5. MIPS Simulator
  6. Cache Simulation and Measurement
  7. Multicore Simulator
  8. Final Project