Assignments are due at the time specified in CMS, and we ask that you always try to submit before that deadline, even if your solution is incomplete. That at least shows us that you are making progress.

But life happens: you miss the deadline because of other courses, illness, events in your personal life, and so forth. Rather than the burden of you having to ask for an extension in those circumstances, we will configure CMS to accept late submissions, usually up to 48 hours after the deadline. There will be no penalty for these late submissions. They are an automatic extension you may choose to grant yourself. We trust you to do so wisely—often, making use of them will result in you having less time to work on the next assignment. The purpose of automatic extensions is to give you a tool to manage the demands of life, including the following:

Be aware that after CMS decides that the late submission deadline has passed—even 1 second past it—no further submissions will be accepted. CMS does not provide a grace period on late submissions.

Beyond those automatic extensions, we will grant exceptional extensions in, well, truly exceptional circumstances. Those require accompanying documentation: a letter from a Cornell professor, advisor, or coach requesting the extension on your behalf; an obituary or wedding announcement published in a newspaper; a letter on official letterhead from a medical provider explaining a major illness or injury; or official SDS letters. Contact the professor to request such an exceptional extension.