Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

Q: The course is full but I want in. What’s my best strategy?
A: Put yourself on the Standby List. Here’s how that list will work:

Q: Will there be a Student Center waitlist?
A: No. Only the Standby List.

Q: Will the enrollment cap be raised?
A: No. Fire Code prohibits it.

Q: Can I get a PIN to enroll in the class?
A: No, we are not issuing PINs.

Q: There are seats open in discussion sections but not lecture. Can I add the course?
A: No, you need a seat in both a discussion section and the lecture.

Q: I want to change discussion section times. Can you help me?
A: Sorry, you’ll have to work that out yourself with the registrar. Please note that we will not approve any Add/Drop forms that request transfers to a section that is full.

Q: Is discussion section required?
A: Yes.

Q: Is CS 2800 really necessary for 3110?
A: Yes. You must have already finished CS 2800 or take it concurrently with 3110.

Q: Can I take CS 3110 and CS 3410 (or CS 3420) concurrently?
A: Under no circumstances should you do this.

Q: What if I have another question that isn’t answered here?
A: Contact the course administrator, Ms. Amy Elser (ahf42).