CS2043: Unix Tools & Scripting

Spring 2014

  • Time & Place: MWF 11:15am - 12:00pm (Holister B14)
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    UNIX-like systems are increasingly being used on personal computers, mobile phones, web servers, and many other systems. They represent a wonderful family of programming environments useful both to computer scientists and to people in many other fields, such as computational biology and computational linguistics, in which data is naturally represented by strings. This course provides an intensive training to develop skills in Unix command line tools and scripting that enable the accomplishment and automation of large and challenging computing tasks. The syllabus takes students from shell basics and piping, to regular-expression processing tools, to shell scripting and Python.

    CS2043 is a six week, two credit, S/U only course. It runs from January 22 through March 5, 2014. The drop deadline is February 5, 2014, two weeks into the course.

    Course Staff

    Instructor: Bruno Abrahao [last_name@cs.cornell.edu] Office hours: Wednesday 3-4pm, Gates Hall, room G21
    TAs: Hussam Abu-Libdeh [first_name@cs.cornell.edu] Office hours: Tuesday 2-3pm, Gates Hall, room 440
    Atheendra PT [ap778@cornell.edu] Office hours: Monday 1:30-2:30pm, Upson Hall, room 360
    Sangha Im [si237@cornell.edu] Office hours: Thursday 2-3pm, Gates Hall, room G17
    Harsh Shah [hs634@cornell.edu] Office hours: Friday 2-3pm, Gates Hall, room G11
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    There is no official textbook for this course; we will post pointers to some books and websites that might be helpful.

    The course prerequisites include elementary-level background in computer programming without assuming mastery in any particular language.

    The work for the course will consist primarily of 5 or 6 homework assignments. You must successfully complete all these assignments to pass this class. Coursework should be handed in through CMS.



    Updated Late Homework Policy
    (comes into effect starting with Homework 2): Each student will be granted a total of two late days that can be spent towards submitting homeworks late. We will deduct a late day from your account whenever you submit an assignment after the deadline, and we will grade assignments only if you have enough credit to account for the late days. If you are unable to submit your homework because of extenuating circumstances (medical or family emergency), contact an instructor beforehand. Important: You will need to notify the course staff whenever you make a late submission, otherwise we won't notice your assignment in the system.

    Useful references (not required)