CS 1132: Short course in MATLAB


Assignments are medium-size programming projects through which you synthesize the knowledge gained in recent weeks.

Multiple submissions are allowed in order to help you achieve mastery. For each assignment, if your first submission isn't perfect you may correct and re-submit it once without penalty; each additional re-submission, if allowed, incurs a 10% deduction for that assignment. We will accept a (re)submission that is late but within 24 hours of the deadline with a 10% penalty for that assignment. For each asssignment, penalties accumulate—carry forward—from (re)submission to resubmission.

Please read and follow the programming style guidelines when working on projects:

Basic programming style

Note that your assignment will receive a substantial point deduction if it is not properly annotated with comments. Always include concise comments in your code!

Assignment Due date Resubmission deadline Description Code/data/tips
A1 Sep 13 Sep 23 Description
A2 Sep 27 Oct 8 Description
A3 Oct 18 Oct 28 Description Function headers
assignment3.m, cellstr2str.m, TransportData.csv

Project submission

Submit your project files online in CMS.

Late submission is accepted up to 24 hours after the deadline. A penalty of 10% will be applied. Note that even if only one file out of several in an assignment is late, the entire project is marked late.

Academic integrity

There are limits on the extent to which you may collaborate with classmates, as well as on the kind of assistance you may solicit from other sources. Please review our academic integrity policies.