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Date Topic Description
12/22 W Course Grade Course grades are available on CMS and Just the Facts (Student Center). You may view your final exam paper next semester. How, when, and where? Read the information on the Exams link.
12/9 R P6 regrade request If you have a regrade request on project 6, please bring the completed regrade request form (and a paper copy of the project if appropriate) to the final exam and give it to a TA before the exam. Regrade comments will be available in CMS.
12/9 R Potentially useful functions This list of functions will appear on the cover page of the exam, but you will not need all of them!
abs, rem, floor, ceil, rand, zeros, ones, length, size, isempty, sort, cell, struct, strcmp, fprintf, disp, ginput, wavread, sound
12/3 F Office Hrs There are office/consulting hours during Study Break and on Thursday. Pick up your paper (prelim, processed regrade request) from the CS1112 consultants in ACCEL during consulting hours. Unclaimed paper will be shredded after Tuesday.
12/3 F Review There will be a review session on Wednesday, 1-2:30pm, in UP B17. Review questions have been posted; solutions will be posted on Wednesday.
11/29 M Final Exam Conflicts Please review your final exam schedule and inform Randy Hess before Thursday, 12/2, if you have a conflict with the CS1112 final exam. Please provide your entire exam schedule for the exam period along with the course numbers.
11/29 M Discussion Location Discussion section this week will be held in the computer lab Upson B7. Go to the lab this week, not the classrooms listed on the roster.
11/23 T Column vector When extracting a subvector from a column vector, you need to specify both row and column indices. For example, to extract the 9th to 20th components in a column vector y and keep the result as a column, write the code z = y(9:20,1) . If you do not specify the column number, 1, then the resulting vector z becomes a row vector. This is because Matlab defaults to the row vector. The sound built-in function assumes the sound data is in a column vector or a matrix with two columns.
11/23 T P6 Project 6 Part 2 has been posted. Both parts are due on December 2nd (Thurs) at 11pm. Part 2.2 is on recursion while Part 2.1 is not. You can wait until after next Tuesday's lecture, which will be on recursion again, to work on Part 2.2. But start Part 1 and Part 2.1 now!
11/23 T Prelim 3 return Prelim 3 will be returned in lecture tomorrow. Any unclaimed paper, as well as those on which students did not indicate their lecture time, will be available for pick up 4-10pm Tuesday from the CS1112 consultants in the ACCEL Green Room (2nd floor of Engineering Library, Carpenter Hall). Consulting resumes on Monday after Thanksgiving Break. Any regrade requests must be submitted to the CS1112 consultants at ACCEL Green Rm by next Tuesday, Nov 30, at 10pm.