All CS1110 exams, whether online or in-person, are proctored.  Online exams are limited to the students away from Ithaca and those who have medical or health reasons that prohibit writing an exam in person.  Online exams will be held at the same time as the in-person exam except for those students granted an alternative time due to university-recognized conflicts.  To the greatest extent possible, our online exam will replicate the in-person exam experience.  

Exam Requirements

  1. You must participate in a mock exam session online once (about 20 minutes) to check the systems and practice the process prior to writing the actual exam.
  2. You must use two devices for the exam:
    • an "exam device" (e.g., laptop) for accessing the exam, and
    • a "proctor device" (e.g., cell phone) for proctoring.  See this page for how the proctor device should be positioned.
    You must join the proctor Zoom session with video enabled and without a virtual background on both devices but enable audio on the proctor device (cell phone) only.  Once the exam begins, you may use the exam device for reading the exam questions and ending the exam only. You may not use the exam device for any other actions until your exam ends.  Similarly, you may not touch your proctor device until your exam ends, except to communicate via chat (not voice) with your proctor in case of internet or browser problems, as described below.
    If you will borrow a device, be sure to arrange a loan for both the actual and mock exam sessions.
  3. You must take the exam on paper using a pencil (or pen)--no tablet/stylus.  No headphones/earphones allowed when you are writing the exam.
  4. You must use a smartphone (or computer) with an app installed for scanning handwritten documents and producing a PDF.  You can follow the official Gradescope recommendations; previous students and course staff also have had good experience with CamScanner.

Exam Session

Join your assigned Zoom proctor session 20 minutes prior to the actual exam start time.  The entire Zoom session, from system/environment check in the beginning through the submission of the scanned exam, will be recorded.  Have several sheets of paper on your writing surface--loose sheets or pages separated from a notebook.  You will get the full exam period to answer the exam questions and extra time to scan and upload your answers.  Stay muted even during scanning and upload--do not disrupt others.  Once you have uploaded your scan, use Zoom chat to tell the proctor that you have uploaded and wait for the proctor to check the upload and give you the OK before you leave the Zoom session.

You can choose to leave the exam early by selecting End exam now on the last page of the exam questions.   Once you have chosen to end the exam, you are not allowed to write more answers or modify your answers, even if there is time left in the exam period.  Do not touch your phone for scanning before you have ended the exam view in the browser, except for internet or browser problems discussed below.

You must submit your scanned answer pages as one pdf file and you may submit the file only onceAs part of the upload process, you must associate the pages of your pdf to the questions on Gradescope.

Internet or Browser Issues

An exam is valid only if it is proctored.  If your device drops the Zoom proctor session, you must reconnect to the Zoom proctor session as soon as possible.  If your browser accessing the exam questions freezes or disconnects, wave at your Zoom session camera and use Zoom chat on your proctor device (cell phone) to alert the proctor and then try reloading Gradescope--reboot if necessary. Once reconnected, first use Zoom chat to inform the proctor of what happened and the proctor will reset your access to allow you to continue taking your exam. If your internet remains down for an extended period of time, we recommend calling the panic phone number listed below.

If you experience a brief drop in connection we will flag your exam for inspection, but we will not automatically invalidate it. We reserve the right to conduct "spot check" interviews after the exam to ask selected students to explain (not reproduce from scratch) their answer or approach to one or a few exam questions to the instructor.  For extreme cases of Internet connectivity problems, such as those that require calling the panic phone number below, the instructors will determine how to address the situation. 

Panic Number: +1 607 241-9476 607 260-0714

Write the number down so that you have it available during the exam.  Use it (call or text) if you experience extreme internet issues during the exam.  However, this number should be a last resort, and should only be used if multiple attempts to reconnect with your proctor fail.  This number will be active only during an online exam period.

After your Exam Session

Gradescope by default sends you an email with a link to your uploaded file, which allows you to re-upload your file.  DO NOT re-upload any file after you have left the Zoom proctor session.   Once you have left the proctored exam session, uploading a file to replace your existing exam file would be a violation of academic integrity.