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Title: A survey of CompSustNet research, education, and outreach

Abstract: The talk will survey research, education, and outreach in CompSustNet. There will be unintentional gaps in my coverage of CompSustNet activities in this "draft talk", so there will be opportunities for the audience to help fill in the gaps in my coverage. There will also be opportunities to suggest how CompSustNet, and computational sustainability generally, might grow by filling in real gaps in its current coverage of research, education, and outreach. I will also survey other large centers and networks in related spaces of computing and/or sustainability, which might also inform CompSustNet's plans.

Bio: Doug Fisher is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. His research has spanned unsupervised and supervised machine learning for prediction and problem solving, cognitive modeling, and more recently computational creativity. He served as a Program Director at NSF from 2007 - 2010, and was responsible for areas of AI (to include ML, MAS, KR, Planning) and he was a primary representative on sustainability for CISE. He received a Director's award in 2010 for all these activities. See his experience at NSF summarized at: . Doug has also worked in the online learning space, and was the founding Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning. He is the founding Faculty Director of Warren (residential) College at Vanderbilt University. Doug is the Director for Outreach, Education, Diversity, and Synthesis (OEDS) of CompSustNet.