1998-1999 Season
RoboCup 1999 Spring Demo May 3, 1999: Cornell demonstrates their first two teams of robots at the Spring demo in Upson Hall. Team Brazil beats team Italy 4-0.
RoboCup 1999 August 4, 1999: Cornell wins the Robocup 1999 F180 (small size) competition the first year it enters the tournament in Stockholm, Sweden.
1999-2000 Season
RoboCup 1999 Smithsonian Demo December 11, 1999: Cornell demonstrates their robots with CMU at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.
RoboCup 2000 Spring Demo May 4, 2000: Cornell demonstrates their latest two robotic playing teams in the Performing Arts Center at Cornell University.
RoboCup 2000 Summer Ithaca Demo July, 2000: Cornell demonstrates their system to a group of Ithaca kids.
RoboCup 2000 September 3, 2000: Cornell wins the Robocup 2000 F180 (small size) competition for the second straight year in Melbourne, Australia.
2000-2001 Season
RoboCup 2001 The Tech Demo January 14, 2001: Cornell demonstrates their robots at The Tech, a technology museum in San Jose, California. Six matches are held between participants in the audience controlling a team of robots with joysticks versus the Cornell 2000 team (fully autonomous). The humans are no match for the machines, and are defeated in all six games.
RoboCup 2001 Spring Demo May, 2001: Cornell puts on two demonstrations of their latest system with two teams playing in short games.
RoboCup 2001 August 10, 2001: Cornell comes in 3rd place after a hard loss to the Field Rangers in the semi finals.
RoboCup 2002 Four Wheel Omni Prototype Fall, 2001: Cornell develops a prototype for a four-wheel omni-directional drive train. Although more difficult to control, the four wheel drive system allows greater accelerations than the previous three-wheel system.
RoboCup 2002 CMU Visit March, 2002: Cornell hosts a weekend scrimmage against Carnegie Mellon's team.
RoboCup 2002 CMU Visit June 23, 2002: For the third time in four years, Cornell wins the Robocup 2002 F180 (small size) competition. The competition was held in Fukuoka, Japan.
May, 2003: Cornell comes in second place at the first annual American Open at Carnegie Mellon University.
RoboCup 2003 Italy July 9, 2003: For the fourth time in five years, Cornell wins the Robocup 2003 F180 (small size) competition. The competition was held in Padua, Italy.
2004 bot April, 2004: Cornell completes Windows CE and PC104 based robots, which distribute intelligence to the players for the first time.
at the competition July, 2004: The competition in Lisbon: Lots of hard work paid off in an innovative system but unfortunately not everything was made robust by the competition...