Cornell i^2 winning bronze medal in Greater New York Regional '18!

(From left to right: Joe Terlizzi (Contest Director), Alex Chen (Contestant), Weiyu Wang (Contestant), Horace He (Contestant), Haobin Ni (Coach))

In the 2018 ICPC Greater New York Regional Contest held at Manhattan College last weekend, the Cornell undergraduate team “Cornell i^2” won the 3rd place and the bronze medal in the fierce 5-hour long competition. They solved 7 problems our of 10 in 7 submissions and ranked the 1st in all undergraduate teams.

The other 4 Cornell teams “Cornell 5”, “Cornell AHP”, “Cornell 666”, “Cornell ACMOS” ranked 11, 17, 19 and 36 separately among all 70 teams participated.

Columbia and Princeton’s graduate school teams “Columbia - Kington” “Princeton 1” won the champion and the runner-up in the contest.

Congratulations to all winners!

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