TOCX! An ActiveX Extension to Tcl/tk


        The abundance of OCX (and ActiveX controls) available in the PC 32-bit Windows environment today can now be used by a Tcl/Tk programmer. TOCX allows Tcl/Tk users to use existing OCX or ActiveX controls in a widget-like way. All the properties, methods and events exposed by the controls are available for the Tcl/tk programmer to use and manipulate. Controls can also be positioned and sized on any part of the window.

         The introduction of TOCX will bring Tcl/tk in par with other very successful component object based languages like Visual Basic, Delphi.

Documentation - The On line TOCX Manual

Download - The latest version of TOCX

This widget is brought to you by Ioi Lam, a CS Phd student at Cornell University, and Lawrence Suen, an undergraduate also at Cornell University, under the direction and advice of Prof. Brian Smith of the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University.

[ Version 0.9 is now available. Click here to download ! ]