Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory

Welcome to the Web niche of the Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory. This information is currently under development; please don your hard hat. Questions and comments should be directed to Thanks.

About the CSRVL

The Cornell Computer Science Robotics and Vision Laboratory is located at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. We have three main areas of research:

Here is a pictoral tour of the CSRVL.

Current Projects

The following projects are active at the CSRVL. They are supervised by Ramin Zabih.

We have a list of potential Master's projects, maintained by Justin Miller.

Most of our work has been done under Unix, but we are currently considering a move to WindowsNT. There is a discussion of some of the issues here. We are hopeful that this move will be supported by Microsoft.

Selected Publications

The following is a list of selected papers of research done at the CSRVL. Many of these papers are available via anonymous FTP.

Many publications from the Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory are available from the Cornell CS Tech-Reports server. (See below.) Only those papers not available from the CS-TR server are listed here.

Technical Reports by Author

These lists are generated dynamically by the Cornell CS-TR Server. Here is the
CS-TR server index, where you can search for technical reports by author, title, and keyword.

People at the CSRVL