The Ensemble Project

Cornell University


The Ensemble System is a high performance, reconfigurable, Plug'n'Play network protocol architecture. Modules from a large collection of micro-protocols can be stacked and restacked in a variety of ways, allowing applications to adapt, at run time, to changes in network bandwidth and latency, to processor and network failures, to changing security requirements, etc. All currently supported micro-protocols deal with groups of processes, rather than just two. This supports distributed applications better, and allows for better resource utilization and management. Ensemble is supported under Unix and NT. Drivers exists for UDP (with or without multicast extensions) through BSD sockets, or for ATM through U-Net.

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Recent Highlights

General Research and Development Goals and Demonstrations for 1997

This is the original set of R&D goals we proposed to DARPA early in 1997. As is evident from the preceeding list of highlights, we've actually succeeded on most of them. Look for a new set of 1998 goals to be posted late in 1997.

General Introduction and Papers