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More than Just Words: Modeling Non-textual Characteristics of Podcasts


Unbiased Offline Recommender Evaluation for Missing-Not-At-Random Implicit Feedback

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Understanding User Interactions with Podcast Recommendations Delivered Via Voice

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Exploring Recommendations Under User-Controlled Data Filtering

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Characterizing User Skills from Application Usage Traces with Hierarchical Attention Recurrent Networks

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OpenRec: A Modular Framework for Extensible and Adaptable Recommendation Algorithms

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Yum-me: A Personalized Nutrient-based Meal Recommender System

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Personalizing Software and Web Services by Integrating Unstructured Application Usage Traces

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Collaborative Metric Learning

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YADL: Your Activities of Daily Living

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Immersive Recommendation: News and Event Recommendations Using Personal Digital Traces

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GroupLink: Group Event Recommendations Using Personal Digital Traces

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PlateClick: Bootstrapping Food Preferences Through an Adaptive Visual Interface

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Beyond Classification: Latent User Interests Profiling from Visual Contents Analysis

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Inferring Occupancy from Opportunistically Available Sensor Data

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