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    Journal reviewer: TPAMI, IJCV, ToG, TIP, TVCG, CVIU, TNNLS, TMM, …

    Conference reviewer: NeurIPS 2018-2019, ICML 2019, UAI 2019, SIGGRAPH 2019, ICCV 2019, CVPR 2018-2019, …


    Teaching Assistant:


    Here are some interesting facts about myself:

    • I am an amateur Go player and a member of the Cornell Go Club. During 2016-2018, I participated in ACGL (American Collegiate Go League), representing Cornell University. I am (officially) a 2-dan amateur Go player and a 4-dan player on Eweiqi.
    • I read books in my spare time, especially science fictions, history, and philosophy books. I am particularly interested in the contemporary Analytic Philosophy and more specifically the Philosophy of Mind.
    • I am a music lover. My favorite genres include classical music, new-age music, and Cantonese popular songs. I can play the piano at the beginner level and am still learning it. I love classical pieces composed by Schubert, Bach, and Chopin.
    • I am a Dota player (MMR > 5000).