Library Bookmarklet

As an academic, accessing papers from home can be a pain. Either you have to set up VPN (which sometimes likes to turn itself off for me) or go through a library portal, which may be a nontrivial task on a slow website. Cornell, of course, allows you to access things based on using a proxy URL formed from the original paper URL and a library address. I would often type this into the URL bar by hand to get to the lovely NetID login and then the proper PDF link to the paper I want to read, all the while feeling like as a computer scientist, I should probably find a better way to do this.

Eventually, I caved and wrote a bookmarklet to convert paper URLs to appropriate library URLs. It's not super attractive, but if you save the link below as a bookmark, clicking it will reroute you from a paper website to the library proxy version.

Right click and save this link as a bookmark/favorite.

You're welcome to tamper with this code; reach out to me if you have a suggested modification or improvement (as I recognize it's a bit of a hack that avoids conditioning on anything in the url).