Vishal Shrivastav

430 Gates Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


I am a graduate student (since Aug 2014) in the department of Computer Science at Cornell University. I am pursuing a PhD in the field of computer networking. My advisor is Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon. I also collaborate closely with Prof. Rachit Agarwal at Cornell and Hitesh Ballani and Paolo Costa at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

The focus of my research is to design predictable and high performant network fabric for rack-scale architectures within datacenters, which can efficiently support converged traffic (comprising IP, storage, and memory traffic). I also like to build hardware prototypes (on FPGAs) to support and test novel systems and networking functionalities.

Before coming to Cornell, I did my undergraduate studies at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I graduated 2nd in my class.


27 MAR 2017 Attending NSDI'17 in Boston, MA.
20 FEB 2017 Summer 2017 at Microsoft Redmond.
7 FEB 2017 Attending Google Networking Research Summit in Sunnyvale, CA.
12 JAN 2017 P4FPGA accepted to SOSR'17 !!
22 AUG 2016 Attending SIGCOMM'16 in Florianopolis, Brazil.
08 JUL 2016 Gave a talk on DTP at Coseners'16
21 JUN 2016 Received ACM SIGCOMM 2016 travel grant.
22 APR 2016 DTP accepted to SIGCOMM'16 !!
15 APR 2016 Summer 2016 at University of Cambridge, UK.
18 NOV 2015 Attending 2nd P4 workshop at Stanford University and P4 bootcamp at Barefoot Networks.


Shoal A lossless network for high-density, disaggregated racks which acheives high scalability with bounded worst-case throughput and latency, at low power, cost and complexity. [Learn more]
P4FPGA An open-source compiler that compiles down P4 codes to FPGA platforms.
DTP Clock synchronization protocol for datacenters, which runs in the physical layer and achieves ~100ns bounded precision between any two nodes in the datacenter.


  1. P4FPGA: A Rapid Prototyping Framework for P4 [pdf]
    Han Wang, Robert Soule, Huynh Tu Dang, Ki Suh Lee, Vishal Shrivastav, Nate Foster, Hakim Weatherspoon
    ACM SOSR 2017
  2. Globally Synchronized Time via Datacenter Networks [pdf]
    Ki Suh Lee, Han Wang, Vishal Shrivastav, Hakim Weatherspoon
    ACM SIGCOMM 2016

Posters & Demos

  1. P4FPGA: High-Level Synthesis for Networking [pdf]
    Han Wang, Ki Suh Lee, Vishal Shrivastav, Hakim Weatherspoon
    ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Networking and Programming Languages (NetPL) 2016
  2. P4FPGA: Towards an Open Source P4 Backend for FPGA Platforms [pdf]
    Han Wang, Vishal Shrivastav, Ki Suh Lee, Hakim Weatherspoon
    2nd P4 Workshop 2015


  1. Towards Fully Synchronized (and Programmable) Datacenter Networks [ppt]
    University of Cambridge 2016
  2. Globally Synchronized Time via Datacenter Networks [ppt]
    UK Academic Meeting on Systems and Networks 2016


Besides research, teaching is yet another component of graduate studies that I thoroughly enjoy. In the past I have served as a course staff for following courses -

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