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2011 in Information Science, Cornell University

PhD Committee

Carl Lagoze (chair), Stephen Hilgartner, Rachel Prentice, Paul Ginsparg


NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research: Comparative Analysis of Scientific Communication Cultures in Chemistry [Award Number 0924445]


Information Systems in Socio-Cultural Context (STS/INFO634, Spring 07)
Phoebe Sengers
Term Paper/Group Project: In-Car GPS Navigation and Engagement with Environment (with Blazej Kot, Gilly Leshed, and Oya Rieger)
Architecture of Web Information Systems (CS/INFO631, Spring 07)
Carl Lagoze
Term Paper/Group Project: Hybrid Scholarly Networks (with Sadat Shami)
Statistical Methods (BTRY601, Fall 06)
Prof Martin Wells
Computer and Programming (CS211, Fall 06)
Paul Chew, Prof David Schwartz
Computational Psychology (PSYCH 614, Fall 06)
Prof Shimon Edelman
Analysis of Information Networks (CS 685, Spring 06)
Prof Jon Kleinberg
Term Paper: Community Structures of Scholarly Networks - an Empirical Evaluation of Community Extraction Algorithms (with Asif-ul Haque)
Qualitative Research Methods for Studying Science (S&TS 630, Spring 06)
Prof Rachel Prentice
Term Paper: 'Moving Forward' in a Research Lab - Emplyoing ethnographic research methods to a case study in Science and Technology Studies
Advanced Human Computer Interaction Design (INFO/COMM 640, Fall 05)
Prof Geri Gay co-teaching with Cornelia Tracheva, Gilly Leshed, Jen Thom-Santelli
Term Paper: Proposal for a Case Study on Innovation of Information and Communication Services for Scientists: Adoption and Use of Social Bookmarking Services for Scientists
Introduction into Science and Technology Studies (S&TS 630, Fall 05)
Prof Peter Dear
Term Paper: S&TS Concepts of Scientific Research and Scholarly Communication and Their Application in Information Science

Teaching Assistantships

Architecture of Web Information Systems(CS/INFO 431)
Carl Lagoze (Spring 07)
Software Engineering (CS 501)
Prof Bill Arms (Spring 06)
Psychology of Social Computing (COMM 245)
Corina Constantin (Fall 06), Prof Jeff Hancock (Fall 05)

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