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Fast(er) Exact Decoding and Global Training for Transition-based Dependency Parsing via a Minimal Feature Set

Tianze Shi, Liang Huang, Lillian Lee

In EMNLP (2017)

We first present a minimal feature set for transition-based dependency parsing, continuing a recent trend started by Kiperwasser and Goldberg (2016a) and Cross and Huang (2016a) of using bi-directional LSTM features. We plug our minimal feature set into the dynamic-programming framework of Huang and Sagae (2010) and Kuhlmann et al. (2011) to produce the first implementation of worst-case O(n^3) exact decoders for arc-hybrid and arc-eager transition systems. With our minimal features, we also present O(n^3) global training methods. Finally, using ensembles including our new parsers, we achieve the best unlabeled attachment score reported (to our knowledge) on the Chinese Treebank and the "second-best-in-class" result on the English Penn Treebank.

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