Tanzeem Choudhury

Associate Professor

Information Science, Cornell University

Current Graduate Students
Graduated Student
  • Hong Lu (PhD) - now at Intel
    • PhD Thesis: Smartphone Sensing and Inference of Human Behavior and Context
  • Nic Lane (PhD) - now at Microsoft Research Asia
    • PhD Thesis: Community Guided Mobile Phone Sensing Systems
  • Danny Wyatt (PhD) - now at Google
    • PhD Thesis: Measuring and Modeling Networks of Human Social Behavior
  • Mu Lin - now at Twitter
  • Janani Sriram (MS) - now at Microsft
    • MS Thesis: Activity-Aware Electrocardiogram-based Passive Ongoing Biometric Verification
Undergraduate Students
  • Matthew Mukerjee (2011 - Now PhD student at CMU)
    • Senior Thesis: NeuroPhone: Brain-Mobile Phone Interface using a Wireless EEG Headset
  • Linden Vongsathorn (2010)
    • Senior thesis: Developing Techniques for the Visualization of Behavioral Patterns in Daily Activities
  • Kelly Hackett (2009)
    • Senior thesis: Modeling Personality Types Using Speech Characteristics from Automatic Conversation Detection
  • Jeff Fielding (2008 - now at Amazon)
    • Senior thesis: Linkability in Activity Inference Data Sets