I am no longer with Cornell Computer Science (CUCS).

I am now a Computational Biologist with the Agricultural Research Service
of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS).

My incredibly boring USDA-ARS web page is here .

My personal web page is here.

What follows is has not be updated since I left the department.

Paul Stodghill picture of Paul Stodghill

Senior Research Associate
Department of Computer Science

496 Rhodes Hall
Cornell University

Ithaca, NY  14853, USA

You can reach me at

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Research interests


Professional Activities



Application-Level Checkpointing

Next-Generation Architectures and Compilers

Distributed and Cluster-based Computational Science

Compiler Support for Sparse Matrix Computations

Foundations: Program representations and transformation frameworks



The following grants either currently or previously supported my work, either directly or indirectly,

NSF grants,
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