Security and Privacy: Practice and Case Studies - CS 5438

This course surveys computer security and digital privacy from a practical perspective. Topics include computer attacks and defenses, current practices and policies in industry and government, security and privacy entrepreneurship, laws and regulations, "cyberwarfare," surveillance, and economics of security.


Jan 27. Introduction. Jan 27. Computer security landscape. Feb 3. Passwords, or the "weakest link." Feb 3. What's in your wallet? Feb 10. Joel Reidenberg, Professor and Chair, Fordham Law School Feb 10. Digital privacy landscape. Feb 17. Daniel Melleby, Director for Cybersecurity Policy
              Jeffrey Edmonds, Director for Russia
              National Security Council, The White House
Feb 17. Cybercrime and cyberwarfare. Feb 24. Web tracking and fingerprinting. Feb 24. Anonymity networks. Mar 2. Azi Cohen, Executive Chairman, BETTER Mobile Security
Mar 2. Nachiketh Potlapally, Senior Security Engineer, Amazon Web Services
Mar 9. Duncan Goldie-Scot, microfinance and mobile payments pioneer
Mar 9. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Mar 16. Location privacy.
Mar 23. Blockchain: the sequel.
              Homework #1 due.
Apr 6. Internet surveillance and censorship.
Apr 6. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and cofounder, SecurityScorecard
Apr 13. Adventures in TLS. Canceled: Austin Berglas, Senior Managing Director and head of U.S. Cyber Investigations and Incident Response practice, K2 Intelligence
Apr 20. Max Krohn, cofounder, Keybase
Apr 20. Vinny D'Agostino, Associate Managing Director, K2 Intelligence
Apr 27. Authentication tokens. Apr 30. Homework #2 due.
May 4. Jonathan Mayer, Federal Communications Commission
May 4. Natasha Singer, reporter, The New York Times
May 11. Phil Venables, Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer, Goldman Sachs
May 11. Paul Syverson, inventor of onion routing, Naval Research Laboratory


Grading policy: 40% project, 30% homeworks, 30% class participation


Spring 2016
Wed 4:00 - 6:45p
Big Red
Ari Juels

Vitaly Shmatikov