Apart from my research work, I was also involved in numerous projects all across my curriculum here at IITK. Some were course requirements, some were intra-college or national/inter-national competitions, some a part of summer club projects and some just for fun! Following is a list of selected projects just to showcase you the kinds of activities I'm involved in apart from my classes and research work:

  • Smart Home Entrance Registration and Locking System (Course Project: Cyber Physical and Embedded Systems) [Aug’16-Nov’16]
    Mentor- Dr. Indranil Saha
    Dept. of Computer Science, IIT Kanpur
    The project consisted of a team of three students and involved design, implementation and validation of a cyber-physical door lock which could make smart decisions using multiple sensors monitoring user state activity and embedded micro-processor to manage sensor data flow and decisions. Various levels of security using data encryption, hardware address and dynamic password generation were implemented. The service was deployed using a cloud based server and a companion android app with the help of Telegram API for scalable functionalities and enhanced user experience.

  • Design of Control System for Team AUV-IITK Vehicle VARUN [Jun’14-Jan’15]
    Mentor- Prof. Ram Prasad Potluri, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur
    An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle was being developed by Team AUV-IITK for representing IIT Kanpur in AUVSI RoboSub at San Diego in Aug’15. A simplified dynamic model for the AUV and its Simulink model was created implementing a simple PID control. Underwater experiments were performed for finding the undetermined coefficients. A GUI was designed in MATLAB for conducting experiments for acquiring and analyzing data from the sensors. Arduino micro-controllers were used for controlling the motors.

  • Robotics Club, IIT Kanpur [May’14-Jun’14]
    Hull and Torpedo Design, Team AUV-IITK
    An AUV was manufactured along with 6 team members for the purpose of future testing and experiments. Hull, Torpedoes, Thrusters, Camera Casings, Waterproof Connectors and Battery Casing were designed, manufactured and tested. The designs were made using Inventor and Solidworks. The manufacturing was done using the lab facilities like Water-jet and Laser cutting. The vehicle was made neutrally buoyant and waterproof. The testing was done in the institute swimming pool.

  • Honeywell Young Innovator Challenge [Dec’13-May’14]
    Selected for the National Finals in the Honeywell YIC’ 13. Prepared a project report on the topic “Water Purification by Photo-catalytic Oxidation Process using Nano-crystalline Titanium Oxide”. Project focused on developing a water purification solution using a renewable source of energy like the Sun.

  • Takneek ‘13 [Aug’13-Sep’13]
    College Level Robotics Competition
    A remote controlled, line following and obstacle avoiding robot was developed along with a team of five students. T-SOP infrared sensor and Atmega microcontroller were used for the working of the robot, which could lift and place balls and various similar sized objects from one place to another.