Although I wish never had free time, cause life is just too short, but alas, we always manage to find some no matter how busy we are! :p Some things I do/did to keep myself entertained in those times:

  • I like playing Squash and Table Tennis. When there's no one to accompany (both of these games require 2 people to play!), I just find my running shoes and head out for a nice long jog.

  • I also passed two years of Proficiency Examination in playing the music instrument Tabla. I used to play Keyboard too. I'm not much of a singer though, but I was once a part of my high school choir (good memories :p).

  • I made a Stop Motion Movie along with a four-member team in Spectrum’14 (College level Films and Media Competition). The movie focused on dilemma faced by individuals in their professional life.

  • If my free time happens to coincide with some exciting event like a hackathon I'm always up for it. I built a Windows App – ‘Mini Avatar’ using Microsoft Kinect 2.0 sensor in Microsoft Code.fun.do, a 24-hour-hackathon in Dec’14. The app could dynamically label various body parts and change the appearance of the user in the output window.