AAAI-10 Workshop on Abstraction, Reformulation, and Approximation

July 12, 2010

Atlanta, GA

Past Symposia

List of Accepted Papers

  1. Formulating Template Consistency in Inductive Logic Programming as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem
    Roman Bartak, Ondrej Kuzelka, Filip Zelezny
  2. Parallel Best-First Search: The Role of Abstraction
    Ethan Burns, Seth Lemons, Wheeler Ruml, Rong Zhou
  3. Reformulation of Global Constraints in Answer Set Programming
    Christian Drescher, Toby Walsh
  4. From Unsolvable to Solvable: An Exploration of Simple Changes
    Susan L. Epstein, Xi Yun
  5. Toward a Generalization and a Reformulation of Goods in SAT: Preliminary Report
    Djamal Habet, Philippe Jegou
  6. Effects of Faulty Knowledge Engineering on Structured Classification Learning
    Joshua Jones, Ashok Goel
  7. Approximate Inference for Clusters in Solution Spaces
    Lukas Kroc, Ashish Sabharwal, Bart Selman
  8. Evolutionary Tile Coding: An automated state abstraction algorithm for reinforcement learning
    Stephen Lin, Robert Wright
  9. Automatic Methods for Continuous State Space Abstraction
    Steven Loscalzo, Robert Wright
  10. Fast d-DNNF Compilation with sharpSAT
    Christian Muise, Sheila McIlraith, J. Christopher Beck, Eric Hsu
  11. Abstracting Markov Networks
    Lorenza Saitta, Christel Vrain