About Me

I'm Rundong Wu, a CS PhD student in the Graphics and Vision Group at Cornell University. My advisor is Prof. Steve Marschner.
Before joining Cornell in 2014, I was an undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, where I worked with Prof. Kun Xu.


Interactive Design of Periodic Yarn-Level Cloth Patterns

Jonathan C. Leaf, Rundong Wu, Eston Schweickart, Doug James, and Steve Marschner
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
[Project] [Paper]

Brush Stroke Synthesis with a Generative Adversarial Network Driven by Physically Based Simulation

Rundong Wu, Zhili Chen, Zhaowen Wang, Jimei Yang, and Steve Marschner
Expressive 2018

Fast Rendering of Fabric Micro-Appearance Models Under Directional and Spherical Gaussian Lights

Pramook Khungurn, Rundong Wu, James Noeckel, Steve Marschner, and Kavita Bala
SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
[Project] [Paper] [Supplemental]

Printing Arbitrary Meshes with a 5DOF Wireframe Printer

Rundong Wu, Huaishu Peng, François Guimbretière,
and Steve Marschner
[Project] [Paper] [Slides]

On-the-Fly Print: Incremental Printing While Modeling

Huaishu Peng, Rundong Wu, Steve Marschner,
and François Guimbretière
CHI 2016
[Project] [Paper] [Video]

Anisotropic Spherical Gaussians

Kun Xu, Wei-Lun Sun, Zhao Dong, Dan-Yong Zhao,
Run-Dong Wu, and Shi-Min Hu
SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
[Project] [Paper] [Supplemental] [video]

Contact Me

Email: rundongwu at cs.cornell.edu
Office: 345 Gates