Languages and Compilers Seminar
Spring 2004

Location:  Upson 5130  
Time: Tuesday, 3 - 4pm

Radu Rugina and Keshav Pingali

In this seminar we will be reading papers from the recent conferences, mainly from (but not restricted to) PLDI, POPL, and OOPSLA. All persons interested in programming languages and compilers are welcome to attend the seminar; first year graduate students are especially encouraged to participate. The seminar will take place every Tuesday afternoon, between 3-4 pm, in Upson 5130. Below is a tentative list of papers we plan to discuss this spring; the list may change later in the semester.


 Presented paper


Feb 10 Ownership types for safe region-based memory management in real-time Java
by C. Boyapati, A. Salcianu, W. Beebee, M. Rinard, PLDI '03
Siggi Cherem
Feb 17 Abstractions from Proofs
by T. Henzinger, R. Jhala, R. Majumdar, K. McMillan, POPL '04
 Jim Ezick
Feb 24 Bug isolation via remote program sampling
B. Liblit, A. Aiken, A. Zheng, M. Jordan, PLDI '03
 Yanling Wang
Mar 2 Object Equality Profiling
by D. Marinov, R. O'Callahan, OOPSLA '03
Milind Kulkarni
Mar 9 Atomizer: a dynamic atomicity checker for multithreaded programs
by C. Flanagan, S. Freund, POPL '04
 Latian Zheng
Mar 16 Abstract Non-Interference: Parameterizing Non-Interference by Abstract Interpretation
by R. Giacobazzi, I. Mastroeni, POPL '04
Stephen Chong
Mar 30 Design and Evaluation of Preemptive Control Signature (PECOS) Checking
S. Bagchi, Z. Kalbarczyk, R. Iyer, and Y. Levendel
 Greg Bronevetsky
Apr 6  A First-Class Approach to Genericity
by E. Allen, J. Bannet, R. Cartwright, OOPSLA '03
 Michael Clarkson
Apr 13 Points-to analysis using BDDs
by M. Berndl, O. Lhoták, F. Qian, L. Hendren, N. Umanee, PLDI '03
Ruijie Wang 
Apr 20 HydroJ: Object-Oriented Pattern Matching for Evolvable Distributed Systems
by K. Lee, A. LaMarca, C. Chambers, OOPSLA '03
 Jed Liu
Apr 27 An Abstract Interpretation-Based Framework for Software Watermarking
by P. Cousot, R. Cousot, POPL '04
 David Martin
May 4 Language Support for Lightweight Transactions
by T. Harris, K. Fraser, OOPSLA '03
Nate Nystrom