Languages and Compilers Seminar

Fall 2003

Radu Rugina and Keshav Pingali

Location: (usually) Upson 5130  
Time: Tuesday, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

In this seminar we will be reading papers from the recent  PLDI, POPL, and OOPSLA conferences. The seminar takes place every Tuesday afternoon, between 3-4 pm, in Upson 5130. All students interested in programming languages and compilers are welcome to attend the seminar; first year students are strongly encouraged to participate. There will be cookies and drinks served, in amounts (directly) proportional to the involvement of each person in the seminar. Below is a tentative list of papers we plan to discuss this fall; the list may change later in the semester.



 Presented paper


Sep 2 A comparison of empirical and model-driven optimizations
by K. Yotov, X. Li, G. Ren, M. Cibulskis, G. DeJong, M. Garzaran, D. Padua, K.Pingali, P. Stodghill, P. Wu, PLDI '03
Kamen Yotov
Sep 9 A practical flow-sensitive and context-sensitive C and C++ memory leak detector
by David L. Heine, Monica S. Lam, PLDI '03
Siggi Cherem
Sep 16 Alias annotations for program understanding
by J. Aldrich, V. Kostadinov, C. Chambers, OOPSLA '02
Yanling Wang
Sep 23 Checking and inferring local non-aliasing
by A. Aiken, J. Foster, J. Kodumal, T. Terauchi, PLDI '03
Matthew Fluet
Sep 30 Automatic detection and repair of errors in data structures
by B. Demsky, M. Rinard, OOPSLA '03
Ilya Ganusov
Oct 7 Connectivity-based garbage collection 
by M. Hirzel, A. Diwan, M. Hertz, OOPSLA '03
Rohit Fernandez
Oct 21 Toward a foundational typed assembly language
by Karl Crary, POPL '03
James Cheney
Oct 28 Interprocedural compatibility analysis for static object preallocation
by O. Gheorghioiu, A. Salcianu, M. Rinard, POPL '03
Dan Marques
Nov 4 Towards a formalization of COM part 1: the primitive calculus
by R. Pucella, OOPSLA '02
Riccardo Pucella
Nov 18 Automatically Proving the Correctness of Compiler Optimizations
by  S. Lerner, T. Millstein, and C. Chambers, PLDI '03
Maya Haridasan
Nov 25 Discovering Affine Equalities Using Random Interpretation
by S. Gulwani and G. Necula, POPL '03
Brian Hackett
Dec 2 A type and effect system for atomicity
by C. Flanagan, S. Qadeer, PLDI '03
Nate Nystrom